How to get a lot of traffic using the website image

as everyone knows, everyone in order to improve your site traffic, are not words hard SEO and soft Wen promotion, you have not thought about the use of pictures to do SEO, we should also understand that Baidu and other search engine image search traffic, if we can get these traffic, that is to let you flow the unbelievable!

had seen a website of a friend, an article published by the NetEase included, which has a picture, the picture with his links to this picture a day can bring him thousands of traffic.

cited an example of this, is that now everyone uses a soft paper to promote their own websites, the chain or site weight, in the end is not to flow, but the soft pictures will bring you more surprise, we are not accustomed to that river long soft, we all love it shocking pictures of


trust in some search engine website, send some pictures, some people are more concerned about the Baidu keyword, such pictures included, flow comes naturally, my personal practice is in the backward some stickers, take some pictures or send some pictures directly to the site, so with the help of Baidu search content and pictures of your


more than just a little personal promotion experience, hoping to attract


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