nventory of high priced transactions in 2014 the country domain name frequently broke into the top

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) January 13th – the country domain name as a unique presence, is often viewed as a state representative, in the domain name market in a country domain name high node frequently shot, even broke into the top twenty list of DN. Next, let us look at the past year, what are the high price of the domain name.

figure: 2014 high priced country domain name

meaning is very important Mobile.co high value

regardless of the Pinyin domain name or the English domain name, meaning has been one of the important factors to evaluate the value of the domain name, the same, in the country domain name is no exception.

foreign Mobile Corporation Mobile Corporation in August last year, spent $239000 (about 1 million 470 thousand yuan) acquisition of mobile phone domain name Mobile.co, has become the world’s largest.CO by the price of the domain name. ".CO" for the country’s top domain name suffix Columbia, compared with.COM, only a little "M", when the input has certain advantages.

Mobile because of the meaning of the phone, the domain name of commercial value is huge, so the price is relatively high. In contrast, other.CO domain names will be lower prices, such as Pie.co’s auction price of $21500, Shout.co’s auction price of $19000.

.De: the most eye-catching country domain name

The German

domain name ".De" began to provide registration since 1986, according to the July data show that last year, the ".De registration" is a breakthrough in the 16 million, one of the largest country domain name registration for the world, ".De" is a national top-level domain the most shining star.

in the overseas domain name trading market, the German domain performance is also good. Car domain autos.de had to $165720, equivalent to RMB 1 million 37 thousand yuan knot. Coffee domain kaffee.de to $136000, about 850 thousand yuan price shoot. There are Musik.de’s auction price of $128999, Wohnung.de’s auction price of $87626, etc..

suffix is different: chat domain price difference big

in the domain name trading market, it is often seen that some of the main domain name the same, different suffixes, resulting in a huge range of domain names. So, in the domain name of the country, whether there is any country suffix more noble argument?

last July, Xedoc acquired 2 chat domain name chat.fr and chat.de, the price was $99999 and $65000, respectively, about $830 thousand and $540 thousand. ".fr" for the domain name

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