Tmall announced during the double 11 18 party stores located at the access to the water cube

Tmall announced during the double 11 18 stores located at the party access to the water cube

[TechWeb] reported on October 19th, Tmall announced today will focus on high-quality resources deployment of global ecological system in Beijing, there is no limit on the input to the Beijing market, and the shops Tongqing "double 11" interactive play in advance. In addition, the "Tmall 2015 double 11 carnival night party venue will be located in Beijing" Water Cube "(National Swimming Center).

Zhang Jianfeng, President of China retail group

Alibaba group at the press conference on the introduction of the Tmall Beijing strategy. He said that since Tmall and Tmall Electric City supermarket has force Beijing market, from the recent data and user feedback, has absolute advantage in terms of price and service in the Beijing market, rookie network together with partners has been upgraded to become the northern most logistics force. Next, Tmall will continue to upgrade the supply chain services, focused on the deployment of the global ecosystem more high quality resources in Beijing, with Beijing as the core, radiation throughout the northern market, provide a platform for millions of businesses in the digital economy.

as a part of Tmall Beijing strategy, 2015 Tmall dual 11 Carnival global headquarters moved to Beijing. According to reports, this year’s 11 double play will be fully upgraded to globalization, the new appearance of the new business channels.

from the beginning of November 1st, Tmall will continue to provide consumers with 100 million non equivalent red (the face value of a minimum of $1, up to $1111), and 3 billion yuan coupons. At the same time, more than 700 global buyers day group and 1111 Master will be the embodiment of "double 11 shopping guide recommended global goods for hand chop party.

according to reports, this year 11 will appear "shops Tongqing" situation. Estee Lauder, Mars Inc and other international well-known enterprises, Suning, intime, Beijing automobile, the first brigade group, Shanghai Jahwa thousands of businesses, will be in the country more than 330 city and District 18 10000 shopping malls or stores, and consumers to achieve double 11 Carnival global internet. From November 1st onwards, as long as these consumers into the store, you can scan the code to get the total value equivalent to 4 billion 800 million yuan discount.

Based on the

technology provided by the Department of Alibaba brand channel "special ERP-POS link", consumers in the Tmall orders, the orders can be quickly assigned to the distance from the nearest consumer businesses store, and call the rookie logistics partners to embrace parts, can achieve the fastest from order to receipt of 2 hours to complete.

at the same time, in the double 11 period, household appliances, automobiles, home decoration, beauty and many other categories of physical stores, customer service service outlets will be docking with the Alibaba platform online system, consumers in the Tmall orders, can be found in the nearest store to obtain quality distribution, maintenance, maintenance and customer service service etc..

addition, starting today, Tmall will continue to enter all 1600 stores suning. All mobile phones and digital products purchased in Tmall can be

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