Red child to complete nearly 100 billion in financing with sina denied cooperation

June 25th news, yesterday afternoon, B2C red child CEO Xu Peixin said, red child has basically completed the amount of $5000 – $100 million between the financing, the investor is the original three big investors, New Enterprise, Associates Borealis (NEA), Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) and another new the investor. In addition, speaking before there are rumors that sina will use red child back news of e-commerce, the red child insists, did not have any capital level of cooperation with sina plan.

Xu Peixin said the new financing will be used to focus on the user experience, he also revealed that the red child at the end of June will be on-line a new quasi 3D shopping website. In the upcoming 3D shopping website, the user can see through the 3D products and stereo fitting to communicate directly with the manufacturers. The line to the consumer online shopping, not only to see the goods 3D display, there will be a waiter to introduce goods, and provide some games for users to use."

and when it comes to the red child listing plan, Xu Peixin said it was inconvenient disclosure. But before this, the red child has said that before the end of the year will be completed billion U.S. dollars of financing, while plans to list in Hongkong or mainland china.

is worth mentioning, there was news that sina because of its business is too single, has been seeking mergers and acquisitions to achieve diversification, and a voice said Sina and red child executives have repeatedly contacted, for through the purchase of shares in the form of red child to return to the e-commerce market, however, this rumor was again a red child denied, red child official yesterday to accept bit network consulting and Sina responded: "we have business cooperation. Including channels and forums have cooperation. But I have not heard about Sina’s cooperation in the capital level."


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