wang new top level domain 2 character reserved domain name open application

as everyone knows, the short name of 1-3 characters, has been popular, the market is not low, of which 2 characters of the.Com domain name is more valuable, such as the acquisition of Jingdong, millet acquired, prices are more than 10 million yuan, while the 2 character.Cn prices are in more than 6 digits.

figure:.Wang domain name

recently, the 2 character short domain name market ushered in a new face. In April 8, 2015, ICANN signed release "on the open top.WANG domain 2 character domain authorization" and a series of documents, authorized.Wang Registration Board ecliptic technology and several registration bureau from now established in addition to the 15 2 characters of all the other 2 character domain name registration policy, these 15 characters are Au, CI. CN, EC, eg, EP, EU, IL, in, it, me, Na, Pt, SG, un. At this point, in addition to the above 15 of the 2 character domain names, authorized by the Registrar of the new top-level domain of all the 2 characters (numbers) domain names have been open for application.

is reported that this is the first authorized ICANN new top-level domain completely open 2 character domain names, only a few registered in the column. The opening of the new top-level domain 2 character domain, no doubt means that the public has more opportunities to get short character treasure domain name. For example,.Wang and other top-level domain open 2 character domain name by the end user and domain name investors attention.

, however, said the registration bureau, at present 2 characters (including 2 characters, 2 numbers, 2 digit letter) boutique domain will mainly for terminal applications open, only accept the relevant enterprise applications, which is the name of the enterprise application, trademark, domain name and existing application domain name have relevance, such as holding Tencent, can apply for, SF express can apply for This is in order to better promote the application and development of.Wang domain name, so that more well-known companies take the lead in the application of.Wang domain name. Zodiac also said that the use of 2 character domain names to replace the existing domain name as the main domain name of the well-known enterprises, the Zodiac will be presented to the applicant domain name.

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