Liar do financial website high interest temptation two rich generation of nearly one million dashuip

legal network news reporter Ma Chao correspondent Xi Ruming Zhu Feng

investment, short-term interest rate is high, a fraud site to do investment business under the guise of frequent temptation users, the streets of Nantong Development Zone in Jiangsu province a 90 two rich generation boy Lumou, but believe in "financial website" high return "gun", nearly millions of dollars remitted to the "financial website" the designated account, to heart doubts the alert, but "financial website" is to turn off the site and will Lumou QQ pull the black. Nantong City Public Security Bureau Development Zone Branch case investigation.

"do you want to do financial business? I have many financial projects can be done, let you sit in the house of Lee, if the investment here is not only a short time, and high interest rate, quick return, no risk, at least to ensure that your monthly interest of 10%". In January 2015, a small street in Nantong Development Zone, saw a post in a forum on the site, and met a total claiming to do financial business person in charge, the other to Lumou fan the flames in online lobbies of short time, high interest return loan.

has just started, Lumou person said a financial project did not go up only half believe and half doubt heart, did not have a sentence to keep on in the online exchange.

"we are doing online loans, to raise funds to invest, investment projects are also many, guaranteed to earn money, if the money on them, income will be very high, depending on the investment income, but certainly not less than 10% per month." In order to get a land trust, then, the "responsible person" can be presented through QQ chat, let Lumou more understanding of the site management, and take the initiative to his QQ number and mobile phone number to lumou.

at the request of the other party, the land of unknown truth and net name as the total loan of fish, the other side became a friend of QQ. Since the QQ friends, two people in the online communication mode of financial management, after several days, Lumou just opened QQ, will receive the "fish Ming general loan has been sending customers to invest in the site of all kinds of financial revenue list.

investment in short time, and high returns! "Ledger Lumou detailed" view "sent to each other after that, a lot of customers on the site to earn a lot of money, then changed to" fish out the total loan "alert, doubt, decided to" niudao". In order to keep in touch with each other, the two sides also left the phone number.

A few days after the lapse of

, "Ming fish total loan to the special account Lumou sent a money through QQ, and specify the Lumou will money into the account.

April 8, 2015, 9, 2009, according to the total amount of fish Ming loan designated financial accounts, through the construction of bank cards online banking, has been the first time the transfer of $5000 and $50 thousand to the other designated two accounts.

"the recent period of time is better, if you want to get high returns in a short time, we must continue to invest." 4>

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