Network marketing website three shots

network marketing website I think there is a "three gun", that is the first site navigation, second site theme, third page content can be said that the importance of these three points, there is no doubt that the first is the site navigation as you travel on the road signs, only clear and bright, will make no sense of direction easily "visitors can easily find what they are looking for, is like coming to a large shopping mall, if the channel is not clear, put the goods very confusing without clear instructions or icon will give customers a very bad impression, even if he can barely stay. To say the next time.

in a network marketing is the theme of the site, a site theme must be clear, because a website you have a clear purpose, will have its own characteristics, like you to have a meal, the restaurant reason is characteristic features, because he has a feature of their own, for example, some special snack in Qingdao, pan Fu, known for Joe Hot pot is their home to eat tofu, tofu feast, come back again, so beautiful ah, you are not afraid not afraid of you beautiful beautiful without a bright spot. So you have to highlight the site, so that you can make your network marketing website more and more visitors receive love.

third is the home page of the content, content of network marketing website, must be "dazzle", of course, here the "dazzle", is not to say that your website color how gorgeous, but you need the website should have a visual impact, to retain people’s eye, first impression it is very important, only your first impression for others to stay well, will make you attractive enough, is visitors back.

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