ntel internal seniority may be the biggest obstacle to the new CEO

Intel announced Thursday, chief operating officer Brian Krzanich will replace the current CEO in May 16th at the helm, Paul · Otellini, in the office for 38 years will be earlier this month to retire.

, 52, has a long history at Intel, a company that has joined the company as a newly rising college graduate as early as 31 years ago at the age of Krzanich.

Intel, like to tap the insiders to occupy the top, especially those who have many years of experience in senior. Nevertheless, how Krzanich will lead the company as the industry into a new era of computing is still unknown.

insider status: plus or no

With the rapid decline in the use of

personal computers, Intel will need to adapt as mobile devices gain superior. In the face of this challenge, Krzanich insider status may be a plus.


"there is no denying that there are still many challenges for Brian Krzanich." Entrepreneurship and enterprise strategy Department Professor David · cadden in Journal of Quinnipiac University said, although Intel has many similar challenges, is the most critical but find a way up and meet their history.

"under the leadership of Intel in the grove, enjoy its strong growth and customer and employee loyalty," he said, "whether internal or external, will likely return to the company before even better times." (content: only product show http://s.www.vpshow.com)

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