360 search market share target to 25% will force mobile search


technology news November 6th morning news, said the 360 vice president in charge of search operations Yu Guangdong told Sina and other media interview, in view of the 360 search in October this year, the market share has completed the target of 20%, the company will have at the end of this year, the target share increased to 25%, and plans to force in the mobile search field.

at the beginning of this year, 360 President Qi Xiangdong announced the 360 search three development goals, presented annually to improve the market share of 10%, in 2013 reached 20% market share reached 30%, next year’s market share reached 40%, the year after the market share.

"According to

CNZZ data, in October this year, 360 search share has exceeded 20% mark, the highest reached 22.85%, to reach the goal in advance, so the company had raised to 25% goals before the end of the share." Yu Guangdong said that Baidu’s share fell from 67% in April to about $60%, while the share of Sogou basically no change, it can be said that the majority of search is to grab the market share of Baidu.

however, in the light of the east also acknowledged that the development of the past year 360 search very difficult, on the one hand the initiative to give up 360 of medical advertising market, profitability is more weak opponents; on the other hand, blocking the 360 strong competitors, the other 360 search every step of the development are difficult.

he said, for example, the current 360 search PV is about Baidu’s, but the ARPU value (the average revenue from each user to get the 360) is only Baidu’s $1/10. In addition, partners and even competitors for advertising agencies two choices, if someone work with 360 competitors, immediately cease its cooperation, the 360 provinces and cities in expanding agents encountered a lot of difficulties.

360 search independence enhanced

in fact, because the first mover advantage has been in the brand, the content of the establishment of a high barrier, in addition to 360 channels, there is almost no advantage. Yu said, so for 360 to do a few efforts:

is the first to do service, and the third party to quickly add a supplement in the Encyclopedia of the 360, and so on the content of the blank. In addition, he also made ONE BOX, search for a good doctor, lost the first online shopping and other products, hope that through the clean and real search results, the user reputation gradually.

second is a new product innovation, combined with the other 360 products better. For example, in the security guards on the computer double-click Ctrl, exhaled 360 search box, the product user retention rate is very high, the future will do more similar innovation.

In fact,

"360 channel resources has not yet been exhausted, but there are few 360 search brand promotion, we also do not flow alliance, continue to force in these aspects of the future, will put the 360 search share.

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