Fight like a donkey with AL HC

      just read the letter sent to the master Guo Ali, first of all let me feel like laughing, since they honestly do not understand technology, Ma is not a technical background, then you have two to argue to argue, reminds me of "two children argued that article,". It feels like a donkey elephant, like two children fighting, one said that the earth is square, one said that the earth is round, in fact, people know that the earth is neither square nor round – the three axis ellipsoid.

      Microsoft as a Internet Co that I was heard for the first time, maybe I have little talent and less learning by himself, but years of experience in the development of technical background, Microsoft has always been that at best can only be regarded as a software company, and it is huge, if the MSN and Microsoft official website is also. Can only say that the Microsoft Corp involved in the Internet industry, but it is a Internet Co, let me feel a little Mongolia, is simply not reliable, as if out of the mobile phone because SIEMENS put SIEMENS called mobile phone companies, than if the information highway high speed Internet enterprise brand car, so Microsoft can only be regarded as the car the assembly and accessories factory and producers, could not get him the car. And Microsoft has never called their own Internet companies, the evaluation of the external media is also the software giant ah. I think Microsoft is a bit of an Internet company. If Microsoft MSN or LIVE is the Internet site is almost the same, but it is not an independent enterprise, but a department under the Microsoft ah

      you may think Microsoft out of a MSN site and it is to do the Internet, the website of enterprise more to go, I want to say is Microsoft is a manufacturer, also has almost drive. But after all, its main business is not that.

      to say that the horse was one of my heroes, hero, because of his high profile and raving, but after the operation I love, I found what he said 50% is a reality, 30% is nonsense, there are 20% estimate because employers in order to speak.

      Chinese no real Internet company, this sentence I 90% agree, because I think that in addition to the Tencent and the Sohu is not really a true Internet enterprise, long-term development can only be so the two can survive, Sina and Baidu have not been optimistic about the mode I, as long as Sina now search Google transfer to think is the serious policy mistakes, a portal is sad and terrible loss of search, Baidu will also face the market share of GOOGLE increased and SOGOU and SOSO chase, is in front of the waves after the tiger, strange and wonderful situation, PPC has become now everyone for a long time, the emergence of new technologies, we will wait and see how the future of the two giants. "

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