Civilink denied penalty said it is to those who are behind

      an article entitled "all channels violations are fine and stop CNNIC interface two" reported on the Internet, called for "the price of.Cn million net Chinese channel CNNIC violations are punishable by a fine of 100 thousand yuan, and stop the interface for two days.

      after the incident, the relevant person in charge of Liu Ningbo all feel very strange, call CNNIC to ask the responsible person, CNNIC strange, "there is no such thing."

      CNNIC stakeholders told ChinaByte that "this is not true."

      network vice president said the week anchor call CNNIC, the two sides have concluded that this is a use of false news events behind the attack.

      yesterday afternoon, all had evidence of notarization related news spread on the network, and will delete the content page.

      Liu Ningbo is responsible for this investigation work, according to the said, "false news" source site responsible person also said it will cooperate with the investigation. "To find those who are behind, nets will take legal means to prosecute."

      this is the last day of the implementation of promotions in the CNNIC Chinese domain name "corn price" 1 yuan, according to industry practice, if less than the provisions of the CNNIC price sales domain will be regarded as by unfair means of competition, known as illegal. While the nets practice is often in accordance with the service package sales, the price is much higher than the domain name CNNIC pricing, no violations.

      CNNIC relevant personage says, the whole nation has 5 gold domain name register, add small domain name to register a business, have more than and 100. Violation of the provisions of the domain name registrar and punishment regulations are internal management regulations, is not disclosed.

      network is the largest domain registration and web hosting service providers. The world’s top domain name registration institution as authorized by the ICANN, and CNNIC first authorized by the national top-level domain registrar, Chinese network has helped customers registered domain name English about 1000000, provides Web and email hosting services for dozens of thousands of enterprises. Whether its competitors will use rumor attacks on the matter at present, all nets? The investigation is underway.

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