2013 Baidu encyclopedia black July

we have not felt, from the beginning of July, the creation of Baidu encyclopedia entry is very difficult, very easy to pass before the entry, it is so difficult. Especially the commercial nature of the Baidu encyclopedia, for example, the company brand, now create, even if it is correct, no problem creating steps and methods, water encyclopedia marketing success rate is only 30% of that. We might call this July July black.

why black July?

reason, Baidu Encyclopedia

dominate the market

because Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, especially in China, occupy most of the country. Baidu encyclopedia subsidiary product search engine, water encyclopedia marketing powerful Baidu search engine, Baidu Encyclopedia of the brilliant achievements, rather than how much Baidu Encyclopedia itself. It is for this reason, Baidu encyclopedia dare to enhance audit efforts to control the quality of Baidu encyclopedia. If in the early stages of the development of Baidu encyclopedia, it will do it?

reason two, the pursuit of the method to change

Baidu Encyclopedia of medical information advertising serious distortion, after the media exposure, caused the attention of Baidu encyclopedia. In fact, not only the medical field, in any other field of Baidu encyclopedia entries, false information everywhere. So now Baidu encyclopedia is not the pursuit of the number of early development, but in the pursuit of the quality of the content of Baidu encyclopedia. Hope to improve the quality of content to get people to trust. So Baidu encyclopedia to enhance audit efforts.

three reasons, the development of the rapid development of charges Baidu Encyclopedia

in Baidu Encyclopedia Post Bar once had a post, the content is about a Taobao charges do Baidu Encyclopedia of the shop, the high turnover is staggering, the monthly income of over million is modest. It is estimated that there are a lot of people complain about similar charges do Baidu encyclopedia, which also attracted the attention of Baidu encyclopedia. Baidu encyclopedia itself is a public welfare projects, these people are brought on the charge of the hat, the official certainly annoyed, so we must improve the audit efforts.

‘s Encyclopedia of marketing that is due to the above three reasons, it leads to the now black July. Black July performance is the creation of business class is very difficult, such as brands, companies, websites, hospitals, etc., these commercial purposes, are the main focus of the review of the object. Because this type of entry is the most prone to advertising, the most prone to false information.

face black July, we summed up the following points:

1, for press release as a reference has failed, before a lot of people in this way, together with the time tested. After entering in July, this method completely fails.

2, public entry is not affected. Public class entries, whether it is created or edited, almost no effect. So this is the main business for the official entry.

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