Baidu 2013 annual search list released online education into educational hot words

A5 webmaster network December 24th news, today is the eve of Christmas Eve in December 22nd, while in the boiling point of the Baidu in the evening of 2013 Baidu search billboard officially released in 2013. In this culture, network, film, music, education and other industries, brought together hundreds of millions of times the search list, a successful weather ranked the first, in 2013 to become the domestic Internet users through the computer and mobile phone search keywords most.


Baidu 2013 annual search list contains a list of the top eight and the list of the top 16 features. The main list includes 20 thousand and 130 major search hot words, the ten fastest rising events, ten characters, ten topics, ten popular language of network culture, the ten popular TV variety, ten hot search artists, the ten largest mobile search service life: the list is featured for the first time this year launched, more from the industry more angle response the focus of Internet users. Baidu can be seen in the list of the year, what are the interests and needs of Chinese Internet users, and what network traffic began to pop. At the same time, it also reflects the development of popular culture, medical treatment, education, film and television, music, Internet and other popular events. It can be said that Baidu 2013 annual Search Ranking is a mirror of social life, and is the trend of the industry benchmark.

in the ten major search hot words, weather, Taobao, Wuhan, successfully occupy the top three. In addition to the weather on the list of users through the computer, mobile phone inquiries weather conditions more and more frequent, but also with the continued haze around the fog and haze this year. Can be said to be a haze weather word topped. Taobao is the second place position, reflects the current popular online shopping, by the end of the "double eleven" and "shuangshier" two online shopping feast Ali hit the astronomical figures, also further boost the Taobao search times. Wu move back the list is not beyond all expectations from 4, 5, and 6 are the popular Internet novel can now see the network literature popular even gradually overshadowed the traditional literary limelight. Go out to check the weather, at home to visit Taobao, tired of reading novels, ten search hot words is the true portrayal of the domestic Internet users.

concern is the education list in 2013, I want self-study nets, Shanghai river network, Beijing fourth campus, China accounting network and many other well-known online education and training institutions on the list. In the past few years, the traditional educational institutions have occupied the top ten educational search. 2013 is the year of the outbreak of online education, online education not only become a hot field of the Internet, many giants and entrepreneurs have been pouring into the traditional education industry have opened up your intention to expand the market share. The Internet users have begun to accept online education, hoping to enhance their competitiveness through online education. The development of mobile Internet, but also to make online education is full of possibilities. The number of online educational institutions just reflect the needs of domestic users.

Baidu 2013 search for the release of the list, but also for the webmaster is very important

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