The quality of CTO turnover caused disputes battle behind the venture option shares how to cash

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CTO Feng Dahui resignation disputes DXY, is making more and more people involved.

is the core around the "entrepreneurial option" competition, from the hills around the hidden water running, after several rounds of impact on social networks, and ultimately lead to the parties further sound, let the world focus for the demands of both sides more clear: start-up companies not listed, employee stock option in the end how to


with the current entrepreneurial companies increasingly blossom everywhere, leaving Feng Dahui option dispute the quality of CTO, far beyond the DXY company management itself, from the perspective of venture option, or it will become the most typical and most extensive discussion lesson.

multi round social networking battle

CTO DXY Feng Dahui left the news as early as a month ago, because Feng Dahui himself in the circle of media visibility, the news spread rapidly. Originally thought outside management DXY discord, leading to CTO home, but later found that the team not only appearance, "leaving option interest disputes completely exposed the contradiction between the two sides pull.

first round: Feng Dahui before leaving contradictory exposure. Feng Dahui formal resignation in news before exposure, the circle of friends to lead outside attention, Feng Dahui in the circle of friends a message said: the negotiation of individuals and companies in the process of company is always in the upper hand, however, always want to account for cheap company employees can go far. Then, further Tucao said: "the protection of the rights and interests of the employees is the entrepreneur’s responsibility and obligation, if you trample the responsibility and obligation to lose credibility, who can work with you?"

second round: anonymous author of the truth". Since then, an anonymous identity released "truth posts" began to appear in the know the discussion, the author takes the "Ding Xiangyuan code" identity, said Mr Ding Xiangyuan in the office of Dahui CTO during "don’t write code, not with the technical team, is not qualified CTO. The anonymous article because it involves many details, caused great concern in the know, even Feng Dahui himself on the evaluation of "presentation of information for many even worked with colleagues zhenjiamobian, finally the article due to alleged assault, after Feng Dahui appeal was removed, but before the debate on Feng Dahui there are dissidents.

third round: Feng Dahui hit back anonymous posts. Anonymous posts are known under the shelf still triggered multi reprint spread through social networks, and issued a "do not write code incompetent confession" flayer smuggled goods in CTO in August 25th, the problems are carried out by one anonymous posts in the response, and in the final analysis lists 10 reasons, not named the author pointed out that the suspected "anonymous posts". And said his claim is that our according to the contract, the first "option" exposure.

fourth round: old and new CTO. Dxy. After Feng Dahui hit back at anonymous posts and analyzed possible anonymous

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