Former Nora employees gathered in Shenzhen Citizen Center salary so far no corresponding compensatio

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Phoenix Technology News November 3rd news, yesterday morning at about 10, the original Nora employees gathered in the Shenzhen civic center and Lotus Hill Park, pull the banner pay talks, they hope Shenzhen municipal government assistance to get legal wages and compensation of their own.

according to media reports, Nora June completely dismissed, because the case has not been qualitative, employee compensation can not be implemented. According to regulations, Nora employees can receive compensation for the basic salary of N+1, September has been enforced by the Shenzhen LAN Chang court arbitration, but the injunction was shelved, four months did not get the appropriate compensation.

Nora staff representatives said they just talk about salary without a door, not confrontation with the government, being dismissed employees, including some pregnant women and new graduates, facing pressure to survive.

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