Open house information disclosure case involved T corporate innocence 200 thousand reward for the t

open house information disclosure door victims sued Zhejiang enterprises

Hui Da Inn innocence, offering a reward of 200 thousand

for the truth

reporter Wang Yanping

some time ago, "20 million open house information was leaked the news, let Zhejiang Hui Da Inn Network Co. Ltd. Hangzhou IT enterprise once out of the name, but the company said he was lying in the gun", information disclosure has nothing to do with the company.

as one of the victims of the incident, the Shanghai white-collar Wang Jinlong last November to the Shanghai Pudong New Area court court star (Shanghai) Hotel Management Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Hui Da Inn network company, claims 200 thousand yuan. February 14th case hearing, the parties involved in the exchange of evidence. Yesterday, Hui Da Inn departments responsible person in an interview with reporters, expressed willingness to contribute 200 thousand yuan reward to help people find out the truth.

open room information leakage

Hui Da Inn was involved in

last October 5th. The same day, in the domestic security vulnerability monitoring platform cloud network, a network of "Yep" "white hat" (play a positive role in the website hackers) discloses a loophole – Hui coaching company for the domestic large hotel offers a "wireless portal authentication system" there are security risks.

Hui Da inn is a professional engaged in the digital information platform construction, hotel business groups Chinese Internet high-tech service enterprises, the company was founded in December 2005, the business has covered 31 provinces and autonomous regions, more than and 110 City, more than 4 thousand and 500 star and economic chain hotel. Informed of this information, Hui Da inn that is the company’s wireless portal authentication system security upgrades, October 8th National Internet Emergency Center (CNCERT/CNVD) authority identification, confirmation of Huida company wireless authentication data channel server vulnerabilities have been fixed, remove security risks.

but not a few days, 20 million open room data, the news spread on the internet. Hanting hotel chain, including seven days, found to have as many as 20 million customers open house information was leaked. Lenovo to the existence of security risks before "Hui Da Inn wireless portal authentication system" of the news, many people will be with Hui Da Inn 20 million open house data link.

November 28th, one of the victims Wang Jinlong filed a complaint, the court star (Shanghai) Hotel Management Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Hui Da Inn network company to court, requiring the defendant to compensate the economic loss of 200 thousand yuan.

: data storage between

Hui Da InnThere is no relationship between

and Hanting

"it’s really not about us, Wang Jinlong told the wrong thing." Yesterday, Hui Da Inn marketing director Cheng Yuan told reporters.

according to Cheng Yuan, look at the evidence provided by Wang Jinlong, "20 million open room number"

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