Gradient layout nternet bigwigs entrance game

Baidu’s $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 wireless assistant, mobile Internet "entrance wars" once again become the focus of Internet circle to talk about, now we will compare a layout of giants in the entrance of the mobile internet.

Baidu’s acquisition of 91 wireless, intended to create the advantages of mobile Internet portal. By 2012 91 (including 91 with Android wireless assistant application download market) to break the 10 billion times, according to iResearch 2011-2012 China Mobile Internet industry development report, according to the number of users and downloads, 91 China wireless has become the largest third party application download channel.

addition, Baidu mobile assistant has been achieved in the full coverage of the PC side and An Zhuoduan, the distribution of APP has been three consecutive quarters of over 50%, daily distribution of up to 45 million.

In addition to the

wireless application store, 91 wireless also owns 91 desktops, 91 panda reading applications, as well as 91 mobile phone entertainment portal (, Android ( associated with the wireless Internet entrance product. Baidu mobile search, Baidu maps, Baidu cloud and dozens of products.

Baidu through internal growth + external acquisitions two ways to get these mobile Internet portal.

Ali group is similar to Baidu, the mobile Internet entrance internal growth out of Alipay, Alipay wallet, Alipay, Taobao, Tmall, fast payment Ali Wangwang, Alibaba, Wang letter and other products. At the same time in the first half of this year, Alibaba $586 million acquisition of sina’s micro-blog shares of $294 million to $28% acquisition of High German shares of $18%.

Tencent is mainly through internal growth, mobile Internet products including mobile phone QQ, WeChat, micro-blog, Tencent, Tencent, Tencent, news video, mobile phone housekeeper QQ synchronization, mobile phone recharge and other mobile Internet applications and services, one of the most successful product is WeChat. Ma Yun and Robin Li are very envious of Ma Huateng, because WeChat said Tencent got the mobile internet ticket for standing room".

360 is similar to Tencent, currently mainly through internal growth, the current products include the guardian of the 360, the browser, the 360 mobile assistant, the 360 lottery, the king of the 360 power saving, such as the 360 desktop.

divided from the entrance gradient, these four companies can be divided into two categories. Alibaba is a kind of company, the product has no gradient, that is, as many as possible through the parallel access to many users, the layout of the mobile Internet era entrance strategy.

Baidu is divided into two gradients, Baidu mobile assistant +91 assistant for the first gradient, the rest of the application is a gradient of second.

Tencent and 360 products are divided into three gradients: security products Tencent mobile Butler, the guardian is the first level of the 360, the 360 mobile assistant, mobile housekeeper for the level of the remaining production >

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