8 signs to tell you that your marketing transformation

as a traditional marketing person, your life sounds pretty good: 10:00 starts to work, greeting a cup of warm coffee and delicious fruit. In the middle of the day, there’s a big barbecue lunch, a meeting in the afternoon, 5:00 you get out of the office, drink a little wine, take a small step…… Oh, I’m sorry, I think it’s a dream. Come to the truth: today’s marketing people are crazy and complicated, and it feels like the wheels are running away.

your goal is always growing, always keep the show and tell your marketing ROI, continue to support the sales team, even more, in many cases it is difficult for you to have the time and resources to complete work. How to better carry out marketing to promote business growth, of course, from a different point of view there are many different answers, but there is a solution, you can straighten out all the problems – Marketing automation.


of course, there are a lot of reasons for marketing automation – depending on your company, your current challenges, and your future goals. Here are 8 signs to tell you, it’s time to turn to marketing automation and see how many of you are.

signs 1: little effect on the conversion of advertising.

your message advertising conversion efficiency began to decline, the conversion rate of traditional advertising advertising makes you feel elusive, and you are considering whether to come to an overall adjustment to maintain your potential customer base. First biemang, marketing automation can help you to get rid of the low efficiency of the bulk mail and see the "invisible" customer behavior, and provide predictive information most relevant, so you can determine optimal time to carry out the activities of the trigger.

most Chinese enterprises are still in the use of PR, the purchase of advertising as the representative of the marketing methods have little effect, and automated marketing can achieve good results. Overseas inbound marketing provider HubSpot data show that: where the use of HubApot services company, the site’s traffic can be doubled in six months. Domestic eComGear cloud platform also has a full range of automated marketing tools can help boost at least three times the flow, but also can enhance the conversion rate of intelligence.

signs 2: you think, so many employees in the effort, why not do business or


enterprises in the development, but to provide customers with high quality information required labor is difficult to measure. Marketers often need to spend a lot of effort to develop and optimize activities to meet the needs of enterprise development. Although many of the management functions have been able to automate the technology, but many companies are still using the original marketing of artificial methods and outdated tools. If your team takes n hours to complete manually sorting large amounts of data and create reports and other tasks, artificial screening table data from different systems, is a waste of valuable time and manpower, and increase the possibility of human error. < >

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