Site needs to do nine points to improve

who do not own website for users, it is a good site to search engines that actually to do these things we need to do the following 9 points to improve the website, does not need too long, do not need too much cost, does not need too high, as long as the determination to perform well the.

to your site to do the following nine points:

1, attract spider

we do the purpose of the station is to allow users to visit, but after all, few people know the address of your site, then you need to rely on search. Please draw the spider to climb up your website, use text instead of images and JAVA description language menu, add text description and title in a large number of pictures, as little as possible to use some of the framework, such as flash hinder spider crawling encoding, but also make the page keywords dispersed inside of a web page, easy the search engine to search, your site can get good rankings and included into the good directory.

2, the establishment of a reasonable navigation

When the

in the design of the site navigation, should use a reasonable description of headings and links, personally think that the navigation in the "cosmetic" should be revised as "eye plastic", this is the hospital business developed, to formulate keywords according to the site itself, rather than the pursuit of popular key words.

3, site layout should be reasonable

layout of the site is a user the most direct contact with things, use the same color, logo, coordination of navigation, header and footer on the same page, link characteristics consistent. This will help the affinity of the visitors, but also do not make them confused on the site so as to lose interest in continuing to browse.

4, to ensure that all the windows of the site can work properly

a lot of Web sites have been added to the message board, or the function of online customers, it is necessary to ensure that these windows can work properly.

5, easy to understand language

want to know who is your potential customers? Not because the terminology on your site too much to let visitors confused, another Internet most of the people are in a hurry to depart, they just want to get the information they want with the least time. So the web page needs to use simple language, so that we understand all the concepts as soon as possible.

6, the website provides search function

for your site search function, to search the site information through a specific keywords, this can increase your website stickiness, this is not difficult at all, there are many software programs can be solved.

7, regularly check the site’s error

what is the worst thing about a web site? There is no information on the site or any link in the link, so it is best to check once a month to make sure the site is not dead

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