The health B2B platform completed tens of millions of penguins Weiminghu A round of financing has be

medical B2B third party trading platform model continues to heat up.


36 krypton learned Weiminghu penguins have completed A round of financing, the amount of financing of tens of millions of dollars, by the evergreen fund became the capital investment area, Chinese, CHUANGHE Jingwei exchange institutions with investment.

Weiminghu penguin is B2B third party trading platform, the fields of medicine, health equipment and health care products, in order to provide direct terminal online channel for the pharmaceutical companies, commercial companies, pharmacies, clinics and hospitals to provide more rich varieties, and lower the purchase price of goods.

the company was founded by Zou Xiaoliang, a former Tencent media product and vice president of business operations. Founding partner team members have worked in Tencent, Alibaba for many years, has a long-term work experience, combined with a veteran from the pharmaceutical industry.

Weiminghu penguins in the first half of 2016 wholly acquired A certificate of qualification of the people’s livelihood medical network, through to reach the depth of strategic cooperation with China, officially launched in September of the same year platform. The unnamed Penguin said, in January this year to complete the A round of financing, which has been completed in the Yangtze River Delta region to focus on the layout, covering Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Xianju more than a dozen City, tens of thousands of online pharmacies, online five months, the monthly turnover of more than 100% growth.


Weiminghu Penguin said, this round of financing will be mainly used to increase the technical inputs, products, further enhancing the service ability. Data, algorithm and product evolution ability is the cornerstone of Weiminghu Penguin mode, to achieve customer in platform of low cost and high efficient interaction, precision to meet the personalized needs of every customer. At the same time, will further promote the city development, is expected in 2017 will be open to 100 unnamed Penguin business city, weaving efficient online marketing service network, the upstream pharmaceutical companies, businesses and downstream customers. Weiminghu look forward to continuing to expand the strategic cooperation of penguins in the field of drug circulation and related enterprises.

previously, Weiminghu penguin was completed in February 2016 the amount of thousands of million Angel round of financing, led Party voted for the Chinese latitude. On the line is only four months time to complete the A round of capital investment into the round of financing, the establishment of less than a year to complete the two rounds of financing, the pharmaceutical B2B model of the third party trading platform is continuing to heat up.

at the same time, the level of reform in the pharmaceutical circulation, macroeconomic policy also showed significant positive. After the "13th Five-Year" national health China proposed strategy, medical and pharmaceutical circulation reform measures frequently introduced, the recent "Office of the State Council on further reform and improve the opinions of" drug production and circulation use policy and clear put forward "Internet plus drug circulation", is widely used to promote mobile Internet, networking and other technologies in the field of drug circulation. To encourage enterprises to carry out innovative services based on Internet, guide the "Internet plus drug circulation" to regulate the development, support the drug circulation enterprises and Internet companies to strengthen cooperation.

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