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today is the last day of the first month of my blog. I used the domain name search in the Google, has been found in 58, gratifying, which is part of my article was reproduced, also did not expect to be reproduced so many times, no wonder that the Internet is a big waste, our new webmaster are generally treated as scavengers the garbage collector. Of course, update the sitemap used to amuse themselves by! Two days ago did not work, because I recently added 30 articles to be included in Google, continue to use some measures to implement. Be sure to improve the amount of Google on my collection, one after another to my operation and the results were published for reference (


today also learned a trick, is to put their own blog in the major blog collection station, slowly registered, at least have to register 100, the more the better. Of course, this needs to be done slowly, as a day to day plan, 2 or 3 per day. And so on, the new owners can also put your new site registration included in each site, but must register, in which website and user name, until you PR up and remove the PR than your small site registration.

as a blog site can be registered in these places, some of my blog collection shelter (more later will gradually focus on it):

The following blog directory address

mainly SponsoredReviews Blog and blog alliance collected:

Blog Directory Pagerank Alexa 51 6316 http:/ / 74821 75350 67501 513431 723826 729593 733807 646602 http://s.www.blogrankings.c>

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