Stationmaster net broadcast tuniu data leakage drops a strategic stake in hungry

more than 1.30 shopping sites were attacked to steal user information after the phone fraud  

more than 30 shopping, ticketing site was hacked, a large number of customer information stolen, and criminals posing as site customer service, in order to arrange a refund on the grounds of the implementation of telecommunications fraud. Shanghai Huangpu public security patrol tracking suspects in Hainan, Hunan, Shenzhen, Jiangsu and other places captured attack program making and website attacks, data trafficking, telecommunications fraud and other 5, successfully cracked the illegal access to information of citizens and the implementation of fraud cases.

in July 3rd this year, a Shanghai luxury fashion shopping website customer service customers received telephone complaints, claiming to be called website customer service to receive calls, call the staff accurately reported the customer’s personal information and purchase order details. They also call that the goods have quality problems can not be shipped or other reasons, arrange customer refund, attempt to customer fraud.

2: tuniu cloud data leak password  

database needs to be strengthened;

November 26th morning news, the today issued the report, the way cattle net due to improper allocation exists somewhere, unauthorized access, disclosure by G source code and G data number number.

, cloud said, there are two servers and Rsync two server vulnerabilities, this information may be leaked in 2013 and before, but also some of the latest source in 2015.


has led to a lot of information disclosure, some programs including tuniu network deployment, and web site configuration program, the data of 2013. In addition, there are a number of leaked database password.

3 drops of strategic stake in the hungry will build a city distribution system  

November 25th news, what is the case today announced the evening of hunger, drip travel strategy to share the hungry and the signing of the agreement and equity delivery, was completed in November 24th. But the two sides did not disclose the specific amount. It is reported that the two sides will work together to build China’s largest city distribution system.

travel and take away is the two largest high frequency field of O2O, the main business drops in the "people" travel, flank is "material" delivery; hungry Mody is the main business of online takeaway trading, logistics and distribution as a basis for the project, is an important flank. Complementary resources will enhance each other’s business flank.

4 NetEase VS Tencent, how to play the next game giant  ?

up to now, in addition to the grand, and all the music funny and a few other companies, including Tencent, NetEase, tour, most of the overseas listed gaming company, and the Kunlun World Wide Web, family travel network, travel long game game of domestic listed companies have released its third quarter financial report. According to statistics, the current earnings announcement

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