Primitive people to suspend the refund rights activist once again stranded

July 21st news, Jiangsu ISP service provider, the original man on foot event since founder Liu Hua appeared, publicly apologized and announced a refund, and the emergence of new variables. In July 17th, the original people in its website issued a suspension of the implementation of the announcement of the refund program, the owners once again stranded rights.

original people: a refund is due to telecom

NetEase science and technology for the first time contact Liu Hua, but its mobile phone is turned off. Then the NetEase to contact the director of science and technology primitive "fan technology, he will lead the refund suspended directed at the local telecommunications sector, said the suspension of a refund is because Telecom practices affect the confidence of investors, the company financing problems.

Telecom is now restricting the entry and exit of machines, hindering the development of our business, the technical director said the original man room is still responsible for the local telecommunications security guards.

had told the NetEase "primitive" technology, has passed the convertible form into 5 million investment, and advance in place 1 million for the loss of the webmaster to repay. The related technology about NetEase "primitive" investment side, did not respond directly to the technical director, said, "now is no shortage of investors, the problem lies in the telecommunications promise and then deny in succession."

in July 7th after the appearance of Liu Hua, the local government departments have come forward to coordinate telecommunications and Liu Hua negotiations. The technical director, said at the time of the telecommunications had promised to the original people to give preferential bandwidth costs, and to a certain degree of debt relief, but now these are not recognized by the telecommunications sector.

Telecom: original person arrears outstanding

for the original man accused, telecom related simple response, there is a result of the money in place." Liu had previously confirmed to the science and technology of NetEase, the original man is still about 2000000 yuan in arrears telecommunications.

for Telecommunications Limited "primitive" server room access problem, the Telecom said, "if the customer’s equipment can certainly provide import, as long as the original data show that now we have not received the relevant information."

Webmaster: Liu Hua in the hands of the pieces?

Liu Hua arrears and disappeared after the telecommunications Unicom have broken network. Across the country, the owners rushed to Jiangsu, Taizhou, the local government and the telecommunications sector to pressure to restore the network, the government has come forward to coordinate the matter. The stationmaster said he is to Liu Hua as cannon fodder, after make big things, Liu Hua also appeared smooth.

when the negotiations with China Telecom and telecom problems again, Liu Hua and put out the webmaster. Immediately suspend the refund, and in the announcement made it clear that the suspension of the refund and the progress of the negotiations between the government and the telecommunications sector.

"wait a few days, if there is no progress, we will go over there, even if it is also worth a few million, we must get to the bottom." A Guangdong webmaster told NetEase technology, he has been to the local public security departments to report fraud to the network. When he was on the phone

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