WeChat 5 forced transformation of the electricity supplier account hope custom menu

  June 17th news, WeChat 5 version of the public platform strategy caused a lot of speculation outside. Message push frequency is compressed to once a month, the number of enterprises has become a focus of attention. The WeChat home appliance business operators responsible person said to billion state power network, the adjustment of WeChat will encourage enterprises to the public account from the marketing for the first to service for the first; at the same time, the custom menu will gradually spread, prompting the user take the initiative to open corporate accounts rather than passively received message.

WeChat Enterprise New Deal: January can only push a message

enterprise transformation: marketing oriented service

recommended a month is too strict." Assistant to the president, where the mobile innovation division is responsible for Luan Yilai said to billion state power network. It is understood that the current Eslite in WeChat’s purchase conversion rate has reached 8%, which is where the customer orders are mainly caused by the information push users to buy.

but Luan Yilai said at the same time, WeChat 5 this adjustment will also promote the healthy development of the public accounts of the electricity supplier companies: from promotional tools to service sales change.

enterprise account should pay more attention to WeChat’s customer service functions, not just the sales channel functions." Luan Yilai said. He provides a set of survey data of VANCL public micro signal: at present, 60% where the fans will get query orders, returns and other services through the WeChat account, 40% users will be retrieval of goods which means that in the use of the user awareness initiative, WeChat is more service and communication tools.

a Amoy brand WeChat operators responsible person said to the billion state power network, many enterprises now WeChat operators (even many executives) of WeChat have too much cash to go on the WeChat marketing "planned".

in his view, the electricity supplier, WeChat should play the role of the customer’s servant to provide services based. "Customers have needs, we appear; customers do not need, we shut up."

WeChat behalf of the operator service provider WeChat assistant relevant responsible person believes that WeChat to support the function of the large, rather than the sale of large. The so-called functional large, refers to the interaction with the user based, rather than information push account, its shape is close to a light application.

is worth looking forward to two points: custom menus and CRM


push limit enterprise will be WeChat 5, a number of WeChat electricity supplier operators responsible person or to billion state power network expressed optimism. One reason is that WeChat in the enterprise, the frequency of the push cover the door at the same time, will also open the custom menu window for this enterprise.

According to

billion state power network to understand, WeChat is only on the part of the enterprise account to open a custom menu function. Most of the enterprises, including Eslite public >

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