Five websites most likely to benefit from the economic downturn

introduction: in the background of the global economic downturn, the Internet industry is not all affected. U.S. technology blog · Mark Hopki (Mark · Verizon;’Rizzn’Hopkins) recently wrote an article mentioned five Web 2 companies, they are likely to develop in the period of economic recession opportunities. The full text is as follows:

user demand is the source of innovation. In today’s environment, if the product can save costs for users, it will become popular. After a general arrangement, about five kinds of Web 2 services will be touted by users.

cooperative work space

just a short time ago, I met a collaborative workspace site from Texas. Not only the product is impressive, but has begun to harvest. I have always believed that, for any company that wants to save operating costs, it is very effective. In addition, collaborative work is now one of the fastest growing business model.

self growth firms

if you can rely on sales revenue to maintain the survival and development of enterprises, in the current is clearly a good choice. Initial investment in a small amount of start-up capital, in the entrepreneurial process to rely on sales revenue to form a good cash flow. Of course, this model of entrepreneurship can be applied at any time, but a self growing enterprise than those with the help of external forces. For entrepreneurs, this model requires a more sensitive business thinking. For those behind the VC backed companies, often need to constantly modify the initial business plan in the round and round of financing, but the growth firms is completely different self start empty-handed.

collaboration tool

it is also a model of potential growth, at least for companies in the industry. In this industry, a lot of things can be imagined has been done, but there are still many opportunities. For example, you can reduce travel collaboration tools, they can directly reduce operating costs. I want to say is Google Docs and Zoho online Office tools such as users can synchronize online collaboration editing documents. At present, the two users are many, but also a good growth rate. Online meetings and seminars also have the opportunity to share a slice of. The cost of doing business, such as a trip to Las Vegas for CES every winter, is expensive. With the help of Twitter, instant messaging tools and online chat software, we can meet with vendors through the network, you can also watch the speaker’s live video.

idea market

now there are more and more good ideas on the Internet, and I’ve seen a few sites in the past two weeks, and they’re getting more and more professional in their niche markets. In the past, start-up companies often in SitePoi>

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