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remember NOKIA’s famous advertising slogan – "science and technology people-oriented".

you can not look down on this sentence, the reason why the west is so developed, largely from the "people-oriented" concept. Small to a screw, a large aircraft design, is to improve the user experience as the standard continuous improvement.

site also need to people-oriented". Only accurately grasp the needs of users, in order to make the site users really like. If you do not consider the needs of users, the site’s web page design has to be beautiful, powerful and powerful, but also as a decoration, can not attract users, let alone the site users into your customers.

1, user type

analysis of user needs, we must first consider the user type.

site is the face of foreign customers, or domestic customers?

site is faced with the dealer, or face the end customer?

is the site of the home buyer, or the face of individual consumers?

site is to serve the old customers, or attract new customers


in the face of different types of users, users need to meet the needs of different sites.

2, user needs analysis

determine the type of user, then the user is concerned about the contents of the study. How to determine the user attention to what, in addition to the company’s sales staff survey, also can do a simple "role reversal" thinking, if you are a user, you will come to inspect the enterprise from what? If you are a user, you will want to see how the

network station?

1) user specific requirements

such as product display, company introduction, services and so on, these are the most basic needs of users, the general enterprise site will have different, but the difference between the sites is in the details, such as how to display products should be more beautiful? Company introduction to how to write to highlight the advantages of enterprises will only do the details? In order to impress users.

2) the user’s potential needs

In addition to the

foundation to meet the needs of users, but also the potential demand of website planners dig the user. For example, a type of complex products, users may need timely "technical advice" to help understand; and a household cleaning products, if the website has a "home cleaning sense", will attract more users than the simple product introduction.

from "site investigation" to "site diagnosis", then to "the user needs analysis, site planners completed the necessary preparations before the site planning and the next, really into the test site planners skill time.

(author: Li Cuifen, Guangzhou Rui Qi network>

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