Liang Jianzhang defended Ma fake and unemployment is not caused by electricity supplier


November 12, 2015 morning, the total turnover of eleven double Tmall shopping Carnival reached RMB more than 91 billion 200 million. Li Kun surging data figure

recently saw Ma and its Alibaba company is Forbes with cover article criticized the media, and even the defective fake, depression, unemployment, real estate downturn in the manufacturing sector and the lack of innovation Chinese economy are to blame for the electricity supplier companies like Taobao. Even the spread of online Taobao immortality, China is not rich slogan. So I think it is necessary to refute these fallacies with viewpoint of Economics:

1 electric lead to fake


any shopping malls are fake and inferior goods as well as electronic shopping malls. So what is the big shopping mall is easy to control the fake and inferior commodities, or small shopping malls? Obviously is a big shopping mall, because of the large shopping malls must pay more attention to the brand and reputation. Electricity supplier is the largest shopping malls, not only more willing, but also more ability and technology to control the quality and fakes.

2 electricity supplier led to unemployment?

electricity supplier efficiency is too high, so it will lead to retail unemployment. This is a bad thing? This leads to unemployment and machines like the myth of the progress of human society is to be not worth refuting, to reduce the working time, let more people to engage in more creative work, or to travel, isn’t it better.

3 electricity supplier led to a real estate slump


store is not a business, this machine with unemployment fallacy is the same. We don’t have to make so many stores, can take place and resources, build housing, parks, roads, not very good? Some people say that if the mall not only stores restaurants and cinemas, not a shopping fun? Do not set up this logic, only to have people willing to visit the store, the store will not disappear. If a lot of people in the store just do not buy, go home to buy in the Taobao store, then the store’s budget will be out of the ad, so there is no need to worry about the store will disappear.

4 electricity supplier exacerbated the price competition, so that businesses do not profit innovation


should be said by the information asymmetry, it depends on the Huyou consumers the excess profits obtained allow electricity providers to engage in no, this is certainly a good thing. In the online information is more transparent, but makes the real value of innovation can be recognized by consumers faster, so that the return of innovation faster. Tourism electricity supplier Ctrip, for example, before the new hotels and attractions, the need for a long period of cultivation of the market, but with the tourism electricity supplier, creative attractions and hotels will soon be able to get online praise and recommended. The return on innovation is accelerating, and the pace of innovation is accelerating.

so the emergence of electricity supplier is a major positive in all walks of life, the upgrading of China’s economy, the role of the transformation and optimization of resource allocation is enormous. In particular, China’s population, the market is large, the scale of the world’s largest electricity supplier, resulting in many aspects of China’s electricity supplier is the world

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