The enterprise should hold together crackdown forced Taobao really hit

network fake group since its inception, the C2C online shopping platform led by Taobao, shielding and abetting the conduct of fake fierce struggle, during this period as Taiwan famous dress brand ABC, genuine shoes, clothing merchants, and wine, Chinese jobs have joined the ranks of Internet counterfeiting. Now Taobao has been deeply aware of the "Internet counterfeiting group" that shares of non-government organization is a trend which cannot be halted.

began at three p.m. on November 18th, Taobao official emergency use of more than 200 news media, issued a news worthy of industry attention, Taobao announced the investment of $100 million to combat fake. A high-profile announcement will set up a fake group, to carry out a new round of the national campaign, and spent 100 million yuan to support the fight against fakes. Although Taobao a few years earlier had too many declared to be fake, but the actual action and momentum is significantly less than the. However, linked to the November 1st establishment of the "fake folk spontaneous network group", Taobao this time suddenly anti-counterfeiting campaign obviously and the folk network fake group are inextricably linked.

always love for Ma and Taobao curry favour by claptrap, counterfeiting is they will have to face the problem. Think about it before the blow fake credit really is fake? What is the credibility of the purpose of the fight against fake


Taobao to fight the credibility of the fake shop that is the number of Taobao’s best game, I would like to say that he did not fake fake doubt, to say he really hit me some hesitation. Pendulum who will not, the larger the number, it should be said that the better, should be proportional to the relationship, but from the brand integration marketing network on the investigation we found the "good faith" trampled badly mutilated. As for the purpose of the Taobao strike false reputation is a thorough self deception, a farce.

in the process of litigation with Zhang Xiang and Taobao, Taobao can not correctly treat their own low-level mistakes, always with the relevant departments, may or may be fooled. The good faith is reflected in where? A day does not shout the integrity of the platform integrity is what a pity! Do not speak even a good faith of Taobao, we can have what kind of reason to convince myself to believe that this billion yuan fake Taobao


network fake mission Huang Xiangru said: the electronic commerce China needs healthy development, one is likely to cause the network hegemony of the breed, combat e-commerce platform fakes is imperative, there is no soil fake things can not develop and grow, a business can not be able to take responsibility for counterfeiting network, the key lies in the leaders attach importance to pay attention to, but is not the inner value, if is the heart of attention, will be perfect, if only the highfalutin word, what can do.

is now Taobao active statement to get a million to clean up the network fake, this is an opportunity, not to mention Taobao this is not in the show or to really play. Brand enterprises should firmly hold together to seize this opportunity at this time, a thorough network anti-counterfeiting campaign, but also the enterprise "

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