Eight models of the future electricity supplier business promotion

mobile providers

now all the people in the mobile scene of all online behavior, whether it is in the subway, or at school, or in WC, a small screen mobile phone to occupy our daily attention in 2013 when our electricity supplier turnover 80% or the PC side, since the beginning of the 28 switch the pattern has been reversed in 2014, the mobile terminal tends to affect larger, the electricity supplier giants also played an important effect, the popularity of smart mobile products, mobile phone manufacturers low cost hardware manufacturing, when many of the traditional enterprise future and transformation line, the line has undergone earthshaking changes in the hinterland. Their businesses are exploring more, they do not want to force in the mobile terminal, there are two main reasons, one is to change too fast, slow response, two is to find the right resources, reliable marketing platform to promote, the wine is also afraid of deep alley, try what platform focus mobile marketing, the whole value chain UV model is the most suitable for the operation of the mobile terminal business search weights.

micro task

micro mission fire special mode, what is the task of micro? Users to complete a small thing through the business marketing activities, such as the store product click, attention, comment, or share the social networking platform, users for businesses to produce promotional value, get paid. However, if businesses do a simple micro task if the effect is not obvious, spend promotion fee is not worth, why? If it is not the whole model series has no effect, we should not only go to the series play combination, also conforms to the shop to do the search mechanism of SEO dispute. In different periods, different product stage, select the most appropriate solution to the operation to be useful.

trial mode

users in the consumer electronic business platform in the scene if you buy good products will give a bad review, complaints, serious and even call complaints to the second to the platform, such as businesses facing the situation will be very embarrassing, whether intentionally or unintentionally, to store brought huge losses in in this case, the maximum to avoid mode is not a single brush, but do try, a new product on the platform through the test of what specifically for trial, new weighting scheme to boost sales, bringing traffic flow of the shopping cart stepped back from shopping trial and a series of weighted hand users to businesses, second one is the business cost is very low, only need to pay one or two products can bring great benefits to the product, Why not?, which is more advanced than the brush single mode, a lot of business Home is still stuck in the brush off stage.

live video

The rise of

live video game is no doubt to the electricity supplier platform has brought a lot of ideas at present, like the mogujie.com platform will have a precedent, creating a video live anchor who provide professional makeup collocation lifestyle to the fans, with the product information in the video scene, click on the product can be purchased directly, the anchor is live show everyone.

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