Amoy friends of your future road

in the current economic situation is now even eased, but still tense situation, the employment problem of college graduates has become the solution to the country, from the Party Central Committee and ordinary family care about things, so many workers stay at home in my university is how to solve? Undergraduate graduated last year, there are still a lot of students are still unemployed in the state, and some friends also graduated this year, basically in the network to meet the first sentence is: find a job


cornered, anxious rabbit can bite, although this sentence is not very suitable for now in the start-up stage of Taobao owners, after all, entrepreneurial spirit is worth every one of us to admire and learn, but this is reality! You can see at the news, now Taobao shopkeepers, how many are in school students and has been out of school, but did not work for students, they came out of the ivory tower to another "ivory tower" —! But now it is a graduate of the Savior? With facts and data to speak, not too many of our graduates hold "feed" I don’t even own income, as long as the experience of "the idea of" Taobao "to, tell you with reason and came to the tone of the people, this is totally wrong, I have Taobao is the owner, I also had to settle in Taobao, but I finally gave up, I realized that Taobao is not suitable for any one person, just want to figure the king said, whether it is to do the station or in the online business, you should consider more should be profitable, if do not stop on the profit, it is better to work; if Taobao is not profitable, than to give up


maybe I give you a speech on the illusion, let everyone to give up, I also come out from the man, I know not the first few contact to make money or earn a lot of money, Ma also said that the owner of is the mainstay of e-commerce in the future Chinese characters in 5~10, but the key is, we just graduated from school or the full-time business Taobao stores shopkeepers to get over the "Black 5" this legend, how to let us in the Taobao online real profit? This should be our every Taobao owner should consider the problem, I want to share a little experience when I do, hoping to give us the "Amoy"

a little inspiration!

first, is a highly competitive online shopping community, how do you let, shop in many talent shows itself in creative?, put your shop decoration into a people came to see the goods of your shop, this shows that you have to work for 30%, you has successfully held a customer’s heart, regardless of whether a single end, at least the next time he thought of online shopping, the first is still your Taobao store! But you must open the shop, simple decoration shop, no matter how you can’t pull the hearts of customers, first of all you in the first impression to the customer has been defeated! Next, all on your own… ""…

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