Temple library was more than one hundred million U S dollars of financing open global strategy

luxury high-end service platform Temple library SECOO announced today that it has completed a total size of more than $one hundred million in a new round of financing, has become the Chinese to There was no parallel in history. luxury and high-end fashion was the largest electricity supplier in the field of corporate finance.

IDG, the French venture capital before Ventech China (intime capital), Sen investment (French Mulliez Family Investment Fund), Pangu wealth, Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund previous rounds of financing, this round of financing by Li Ruigang founded and served as chairman of the Chinese Cultural Investment Fund (CMC Capital Partners, referred to as CMC) lead investor, IDG capital, Ventech China, the French venture moriai investment, Pangu wealth fund combined with the cast, the Silicon Valley bank to provide tens of millions of dollars of credit level.

Bain management consulting firm’s 2013 China luxury market research shows that Chinese consumers spend $350 billion a year to buy luxury goods, of which about 2/3 to buy overseas. Temple library as a luxury and high-end fashion industry leading enterprises, actively respond to this market trend, provide sales, from the new luxury appraisal, customer service maintenance, to luxury re circulation a full range of "one-stop" professional service for Chinese luxury high-end consumer groups. Temple library currently has more than 3 million high-end members, average customer price of 8000 yuan, the next line store average customer price of 15000 yuan, has become a key factor leading to other luxury goods business, it is by virtue of the vertical field of plough, and favor from the temple library award of the capital market.

Temple library CEO Li Rixue said: with the increasing degree of globalization of luxury goods circulation, the temple library to improve the localization of services at the same time need to have an international perspective. The current round of financing will be mainly used for the global strategic layout of the temple library and overseas business expansion. The future, the temple library will close fit global demand for high-end customers, whether at home or abroad, whether it is the T station serves or classic, consumers want to buy genuine luxury can come to the temple library."

at present, temple library has brought together hundreds of top international brands, strategic alliances with a number of well-known luxury retailers in Europe, the United States, Japan and a number of luxury brands throughout the world, the latest and most complete and limited edition source. Through the secoo.com online platform, the new overseas direct mail direct, flash purchase, auction and other business section, temple library to provide consumers with genuine global luxury and high-end fashion boutique buy service. At the same time, the temple library has been built China largest luxury appraisal and maintenance service center, with the line entity clubs in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hongkong, Tokyo, Milan, New York and Paris, the temple library club is also planned.

Li Ruigang, chairman of

CMC, said, temple library as a successful integration of the various elements of the luxury industry chain leading brands, its unique O2O+ one-stop service mode >

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