Jingdong claims that everyone within three years of zero profit industry said its hype



Liu Qiangdong claimed all Jingdong electric three years zero margin (Tencent technology plan)


Li Guoqing micro-blog questioned (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent (Francisco Likang) in August 14th, Liu Qiangdong announced today at the CEO mall Jingdong Tencent micro-blog high-profile Jingdong, all electric three years zero margin, and that all the power that the United States than (micro-blog), Suning stores at least 10% cheaper. This is also the industry as a result of Suning, the United States continued to set off a campaign to fight back.

today, I make a decision again: all Jingdong electric three years zero margin! If in three years, any marketing personnel in all electrical and even a Maori, will be immediately dismissed! "Liu Qiangdong announced the" big decision "today at the Tencent micro-blog high-profile, according to the said, starting from today, all the power that Jingdong than Gome, Suning chain cheap at least 10%, the company announced soon methods!

in order to ensure that the price of Jingdong than Gome, Suning cheap, Liu Qiangdong said that Jingdong will be recruited in the country 5000 price intelligence. "Every store in 2, any customer to Gome, Suning to buy all the electricity, mobile phone client Jingdong with parity, if less than 10% cheaper, price agent field verification is true, the Jingdong immediately depreciate or live coupons, ensure 10% cheaper! Welcome retirees registration, a monthly salary of not less than 3000 yuan."

in addition, the Jingdong will be before the end of August, we realize the electric distribution in 20 city national limit of 211 services, namely the morning before 11 orders in the afternoon service; 11 at night before the morning of the second day delivery orders,


Jingdong mall refers to the general electric refers to air conditioning, flat-panel TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and other accessories products. For a long time, consumers in the purchase of goods online shopping are more cautious, worried about the damage.

, however, it seems in the industry, there is a big part of the Jingdong’s decision to hype ingredients. Suning, GOME stores in the price and the actual price of a lot of inconsistencies, consumers have discounts or gifts after the purchase, Jingdong take this parity a little hype."

Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing questioned, gimmick it, online electricity supplier than other people’s physical store line price, what price war ah. Gome Suning online electricity supplier parity, in his view, the electricity supplier industry is about to usher in the end of the price war, the majority of China’s electricity supplier capital should burn almost.

in accordance with the national recruitment of 5000 Liu Qiangdong price intelligence staff, the monthly salary of not less than 3000 yuan, in this case, the cost of a year to reach $180 million. It’s a question of constant pressure on capital

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