Ten year old beauty the face CCTV denied detection mask exceed the standard


] April 11th news billion state power network, yesterday, CCTV news channel "news broadcast" column of derivative disclosure reports mask caused widespread concern, which is named directly on Si Bu Qiao, ten year old two micro brands. Last night, ten year old beauty officially released on the response to reports, said ten year old beauty is "no reason to lie gun, CCTV reporter from the micro business selling mask in the sample no ten year old beauty products.

ten year old beauty official said, which linked to Sun Zhijing, director of Dalian Institute of product quality inspection center daily reported testing verified: the CCTV reporter for micro business selling mask in the sample no ten year old beauty products.

in addition, unannounced visits for reports of the black workshop claiming to be ten year old beauty, Si Bu hormone production exceed the standard mask, ten year old beauty responded: "ten year old beauty products by our company’s factory: Guangzhou City gold face cosmetics Limited company production, has never appointed any other plant for processing other factories, ten year old beauty products are the Department of fake and shoddy products." This response is almost with another named micro cosmetics business thinking is exactly the same port.

ten year old beauty also produced the product inspection report, the report shows, CCTV reported clobetasol propionate, dexamethasone, betamethasone three glucocorticoids, and other countries banned the 41 kinds of glucocorticoid, ten year old beauty products were not detected".

According to

billion state power network to understand, CCTV news reports from multiple dimensions of product quality, price, sales and other raw material composition, reveals the strange phenomenon of micro channel mask sales. Layers increases, sales, profits added (mainly refers to the glucocorticoid hormone), sun single trick…… These common mask micro business phenomenon was revealed in the program one by one. Among them, the two major domestic derivative cosmetics brand ten year old beauty, Si Bu’s Dailaimeijun is explicitly named.

visited a mask processing black workshop, the workshop owner said, micro channel of the mask to open the market, initially to impress consumers with effect, and to achieve whitening, acne and other effects, in the mask added glucocorticoid is an important industry unspoken rule. Although this is a clear prohibition of cosmetics hygiene specifications of raw materials, but manufacturers will escape detection by various means. The workshop owner said, micro business the most popular ten year old beauty, Dailaimeidou is its customers.

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