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station network (www.admin5.com) June 6th news, crazy music news fees for several days until finally in June 5th, but the music website does not have what happened. Is this another rumor? We know that there has been news that music is about to charge, but there is no real change in the end.

music of the June 5th news of the charges or in a few days ago, small shrimp music network chief marketing officer Wang Xiaowei said publicly, June 5th, small shrimp music network, Baidu music, QQ music, cool dog music, meters music, cool music and many other music websites will try a full charge, a transition period of 2 months, including monthly, listen to monthly download, listen to high quality music etc.. Of course, online music charges are not as early as the end of last year, Weakness lends wings to rumours., frequently heard on Chinese music industry will enter the era of full legalization, more from the second half of this year, the free online music era will end.

only when small Wei announced net small shrimp music, other major sites are reported to vary, the Tencent told reporters, on the music website charging scheme, Tencent has not yet received formal notification of any relevant government departments. "QQ music still offer free online audition and green business models." Baidu music, cool music and other responsible person declined to comment. It is only the small shrimp nets said to collect fees, other website is only an ambiguous attitude did not confirm this message.

It seems that

is the only small shrimp nets, began to prepare for the charges: in the new version of the line in the trial of the new pay to download music, for at least two months free experience in high quality music audition and download and offline download capacity expansion two. The rumors have small talk in nature, will make a lot of netizens are speculating that this may be a speculation. In the charge of rumors, like a small shrimp net is always play a leading role in the self self said, although after a lapse of one day would be denied. But now only in charge for preparing small shrimp.

Although the

is empty but there are a lot of friends that download music fees are already represent the general trend, the implementation of it is just a matter of time! It seems charge of music in the future there is still a way to go


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