WeChat powder no data analysis is to talk nonsense

everyone can do micro business, to the center of the Internet era, everyone is from the media, even if you do not understand the Internet marketing also can earn money. We do as webmaster know, flow is king. So how do we understand the word flow in WeChat it is simply the expansion of the network, the attention of fans.

2015 will be the outbreak of micro business outbreak, the rapid development of mobile Internet, WeChat as a social platform for mobile Internet, and now more humane to play out of its use. Some days ago, has been receiving a lot of friends to do micro WeChat’s problems, mainly divided into two categories: 1, how to add fans. 2, the product can not sell. So today we are on how to add fans to explore and research.

may be a lot of people or some traditional enterprises to do micro business or WeChat marketing is a headache is the interaction of fans is not strong, in a weak state. In fact, this is the Chinese New Year and our relatives, relatives only more walk will be more pro, users and customers is the same, you can interact with the product, such as activities, sharing good content to consumers, or send a blessing every morning, this is a kind of method of close relationship.

In fact, WeChat

added precision fans that is also not difficult, we must first analyze the end for what kind of people we are, it’s age, sex ratio, interest is what is analyzed and then to precision laying. That data to analyze your target customers, in order to grasp your basic course. Take the following new balance shoes for example pictures:



can be seen from the geographical distribution: large demand in almost all provinces in Southern China, North china. We can use this to locate the main areas in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Beijing and other places, then we can add some of these provinces of WeChat group, or QQ group?


can be seen from the interest of new balance shoes love interest is love movies and some love outdoor sports users, then we can consider whether to cinema under the table in front of the WeChat two-dimensional code scanning, focusing on the public account or personal account to send a small gift, I still believe that? There are a lot of friends willing to scan, and then through the WeChat account to maintain some small sense of life, or nursing knowledge of footwear I believe many of my friends still care about on their own feet.


from the perspective of age distribution can be seen in the age of new balance shoes are mainly in the 20-39 years, and the proportion of male ones, so if we can locate, plus WeChat main crowd for men between the ages of 20-39




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