How to promote personal website

I read a lot of articles on how to promote personal sites, and now think about how to promote the personal website on the basic method of so much. How do you see the key to tap its potential, by analogy, do not have.

a, the site’s best top-level domain name, independent IP, page static, simple and practical navigation generous.

two, and others to do web site links, it is best to text, do not use pictures. At the forum, Post Bar Posts increase the chain.

three, to highlight the theme of the site keywords, to highlight, such as I do is plug, just as much as possible in their own home to join plug-in keywords, also in bold highlight

four, the use of Baidu, Google hot list and other popular mining site for their own keywords, these tools home page with these tools.

five, search engine login, landing the size of the engine is necessary to do the station (not only Baidu, GOOGLE, 3721 and 163, QQ, Sun Wukong and so on to add a lot of traffic).

six, the site updated every day, the best original, and valuable to the user. In this way, the search engine like, users are also high rate of return.

seven, add some more, write some high quality soft wen.

this is a number of commonly used methods, are interested can communicate with me.

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