How to do customer feedback to improve conversion rate

from the media for us, we need to achieve the ultimate profit. For us, the competition is getting bigger and bigger. So we get a customer so for us is relatively rare, so we need to do the maintenance of new customers, for each customer, have the potential value of their own existence, are likely to become our customers, so we should not our target group to determine how?

first: promotion note

in the promotion of the time, we all need to and talking to customers, not to say that we will become a chat, chat clients generally we really talk the possibility of success only then about 50%, some may be lower. Many customers are talking to specific promotion plan and price, for some of these people is pure white, for the promotion of this piece is what all understand, it is more difficult to talk about the price for this one we.

1 think our offer is high

can think of our price is very high, because these customers come to us when looking for a lot of other operators, we now know a lot of people do with fans, so that the price for this, those showing fans who can offer dozens of pieces or one hundred or two hundred pieces, and our quotation is different, so when the customer needs our quotation is the price, so we had better not do too much to explain, because it was too much to explain what is of no use. We need to do is to directly send our number, let customers see our quality, our best or to prepare their case before the promotion, do promotion case are saved, when the customer needs we can directly to our customers, so for our better conversion.

2 do not understand the price, in general our offer is acceptable

a lot of customers are the first to do network promotion, so that the price for this one, they do so when we only need to report the prices quoted price is our usual promotion, not because we think is new customers do not understand the situation with the random price. It’s hard to be our customer again.

second: promotion late visit

every time after the completion of the promotion, we all need to track the customer, for our promotion to ask whether the customer satisfaction. Because we told the customer before the promotion of these promotion can have the effect, then in the tracking of our main purpose is to see if we can become our old customers. I have encountered such a customer, ah, ah, ah, before the promotion of the son told the promotion effect, I expect the effect is not good, but he still insisted on doing. Finally, in the late maintenance, the customer is also feel the promotion effect in general, but told him the reason, he insisted on doing the promotion again, it is best for three consecutive days >

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