WeChat marketing is a pseudo proposition of various types of public accounts WeChat survival

recently, the topic of discussion about WeChat Limited marketing more in the industry, a lot of people think that WeChat is a marketing tool, the official WeChat Marketing Limited is. In this regard, I would like to talk about my personal views.


WeChat public account with micro-blog big V

at present, many former micro-blog marketing companies and individuals who fought in WeChat, and micro-blog similar marketing method. Without the establishment of public accounts, apply for V certification, do fans, and then send messages to promote products. There are some marketers summed up the means of marketing WeChat, engage in a very professional and very sophisticated. For example, chatting, promotion, customer service etc..

But WeChat and micro-blog

marketing marketing is essentially different, because micro-blog is an open social platform, by the fans many big V users of a product or brand evaluation, can obtain a high degree of concern, and the V itself has a strong social influence and appeal, this is similar in the traditional advertisement.

micro-blog big V in micro-blog celebrity recommendations are reflected, while the grassroots account is also ranked, as well as the association of various latitudes, so that a lot of micro-blog account can get fans attention. Coupled with the micro-blog account between the contents of the micro-blog push each other, in the process will increase the number of fans. Micro-blog’s openness and media properties, so that micro-blog account easy to get attention, but also easy to produce real fans, with the shape of the brand and visibility of the soil.

and WeChat do not have such conditions. First, there is no classification and ranking of public accounts. Users should pay attention to a public account, you need to search and find their own, and can not be like micro-blog as someone else through the micro-blog reprint content to pay attention to some accounts, which is the spontaneous promotion of the public account to create a threshold. At present, no promotion, promotion of two-dimensional code printed on the single page store advertising, allowing users to scan; there are some from the media in the blog, micro-blog open platform with two-dimensional code, allowing readers to scan attention.

so the WeChat public account itself is difficult to shape the brand of the enterprise or individual, because there is no open, widely spread soil. Of course, many aspects of marketing, including the promotion of the brand is one of the most important aspect, but also the first level of marketing, and WeChat can not provide brand promotion services. To have brand awareness and influence of enterprises and individuals, can use WeChat as a customer relationship management platform, reduce management costs, improve management efficiency, and this reflects WeChat’s marketing value is CRM, but the essence is the basic communication function of WeChat.

therefore, for the promotion of brand marketing needs, WeChat marketing is not able to achieve all of the advocacy through WeChat marketing to help corporate brand promotion has the nature of deception. The reason is so hot that WeChat marketing, is a part of the micro-blog marketing practitioners feel micro-blog activity downturn, began a large-scale move to WeChat, he.

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