Travel agencies should also grilled a grilled skin micro marketing

micro marketing is WeChat after expanding as a form of marketing fiery, a unified country in the ages to come the potential, but many traditional industries involved in the network even involving micro marketing situation, WeChat for travel significance of how much? Network special author Yu Tuo nouveau riche with 818 micro marketing and travel agency what

!With WeChat

development, micro marketing is potential to dominate the landscape of the ages to come, various myths do not play really emerge in an endless stream, WeChat

will die?

see our marketing experts say, ten years ago you miss Taobao, today you do not miss WeChat is incurable, WeChat enterprise has no way out, enough cock.


is a good stuff, the first to enter the existing gains, then the people ready to bustling. But WeChat is not a panacea, the same gameplay is not suitable for all game player, mechanically, feisibuke.

micro marketing status of tourism industry

in 2013, a lot of friends in the tourism industry on micro-blog WeChat these things are still not quite understand, I think it is amazing, mostly in the sidelines, to see the lively, said many people, less moving people. 2013, there are some travel agencies to find my friend said that this thing is so terrible WeChat, how we should use ah, is not really able to turn over several times ah. The problem really is not a good answer, with good performance, fast natural; not used well, it hardly wished to live.

to 2014, there have been a lot of travel agencies have their own WeChat public numbers, imagine the days to make money. As the saying goes, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. Don’t talk about micro-blog, WeChat rarely travel agents can play. For a travel agency friends also feel confused, why others can do well, their play is not good. First of all, others do not necessarily play well, moreover, as they will play. They came up to want to make money, the account opened two days no patience to play, and then abandoned, but also a face of innocent asked how no one?

there is a travel agency for third party development company to build a public number, what ah, ah, scratch disk features everything. Finally, it was found that, in addition to a brilliant WeChat public number, or what they did not get, no user, no interaction, no orders, and finally no patience to play.

moreover, some a little social please third party development nouveau riche travel company on behalf of the operators, to pay high fees for their services. This idea is actually right, the professional thing to do professional people, as long as the money can work on ok. Yu Tuo public, a friend sent a message saying their outlets a year spent ten thousand or twenty thousand ask a professional company to do the marketing of WeChat, but the effect is not ideal, the input-output ratio and. According to the extension of the understanding of the situation, their service providers are more professional, there are bad success stories, but there is no successful case of the tourism industry.


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