Brief discussion on several key points of soft Wen

              when it comes to promotion, everyone will think of soft wen. Wang recently in the forum also carried out to your website to write an original propaganda soft Wen activities. I feel very good, so they talk about their knowledge and understanding of the text, I hope everyone do several points below in the text of the time to consider.

(1) when we go to school to learn Chinese, the teacher always let you summarize the central idea. I think if the soft for you to set your having substance in speech, the central idea, and I think if one word can sum up the never use three words, then a center around this talk about thoroughly can, must not be too much, hope in an article that seven or eight questions, this article scattered, though perhaps you’re talking about are reasonable, but lost focus, can not cause impact on readers’ thinking.

(2) there is a little more than a little more than others, that is, for a problem, you have to really have their own understanding. And on the basis of other people on the basis of their own thinking you can further elaborate their views. If you talk about things that are others would have heard of eight hundred times, you have to go around, estimation is people have to bother. You did write a lot of things, but you wrote them all. So write a theme to search the Internet to see, have talked about how to talk about. The same theme, I talk about the angle from which to talk about new ideas, for example, people talk a little, I can not talk about the same topic on the three points. Others talk from the front, can I talk from the opposite side. Others say that I can not say bad.

(3) must write their own good professional, some people are good at writing industry comments, some people are good at summing up the website operation technology, some people are good at solving technical problems and so on, to determine a their own areas of expertise, and try to narrow the range, this is like the study of history, some people study at all times and in all countries. What a bit of everything, which is energy, which are not competitive, while others are only of the cultural revolution, only study the Qing Dynasty history, but it is easy to result, this principle is the same, to focus on their own at a small range, you must write up more confident, more professional, more service, it can do having substance in speech.

              hope that the above views can let you have a certain understanding of soft wen. You can contact me to communicate with QQ. 4-59559627. thank you!

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