The financial crisis brought rare development opportunity for 2B E commerce

recently, the Internet published a survey report on the application of e-commerce in China 07-08 SMEs: a lasted 3 months, the domestic Internet has been the main investigation report.


report shows: 36.49% of the surveyed companies believe that the most confusing problem in e-commerce is "do not know how to start" and "do not know how to do a good job".

I2B the current e-commerce is still in the period of enlightenment, as to provide i2b e-commerce services to search for shellfish network of small and medium enterprises, facing the biggest problem is how to train and guide the correct use of small and medium-sized enterprises, I2B e-commerce platform, and how to make the I2B a new marketing model, marketing for small orders the enterprise accepted, how to change the traditional marketing concepts such as small and medium sized enterprises." Search network president Zhao Zeyu’s remarks to the bay of small and medium-sized enterprises have pointed out a new development ideas. read more

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The development trend of NFC near field payment

The popularity of

intelligent mobile phone has promoted the development of mobile Internet, mobile Internet users and the use of time is to the traditional Internet approach, along with the huge user groups to change habits, mobile payment gradually become a substantial market, and the near field payment has been placed high hopes.

according to the first quarter of the data show that the NFC is expected to pay third yuan in the near end of the mobile payment market in the amount of transactions accounted for less than 2.7%, accounting for less, how many people some accidents. The people’s Bank of Chinese officially announced the mobile payment standard will use 13.56MHz NFC technology as the standard in December 2012, in fact, as early as in 2012 June, the use of NFC as a mobile payment standard basically established, the time that NFC has already begun with the popularization of intelligent mobile phone, there are many mobile phone users have NFC function modules. The near-field payment accounted for why so suck read more

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The trend of 3C video Jingdong hi purchase ten brands with price hit Festival

since April 7th, since the Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival officially kicked off, a variety of preferential Marriott surprises; especially the digital business sector, promotion is to allow consumers to enjoy the benefits of There was no parallel in history.. It is reported that in April 20th, digital will be more heavy play video flow hi purchase Festival, that day to promote quality class activities, Beats, Sennheiser, SONY, the JBL and other ten brands audience on the "price"! Multiple concessions, concessions in the end, must make you scream hi to burst! In addition, during the event, explosion 1 yuan, half off huge benefits seckill everything, white 12 interest free easy purchase without pressure. This activity is only 1 days, for the love of music, you can not miss the quality, read more

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Good pharmacist online pharmacy health problem solver

with pharmaceutical business process, drug has also become a major new product in online shopping. State Food and Drug Administration released data show that in 2012 China’s online drug sales reached 1 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 4 times in 2011. It is understood that the number of online pharmacies innumerable, uneven, qualification and strength, good pharmacist online pharmacy drugs with high quality and perfect service to occupy the leading position of China pharmaceutical business. Today, the reporter on the specific situation of pharmacists online pharmacies interviewed a good pharmacist online pharmacy executive vice president Li Caifen. read more

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Zhejiang Province the introduction of the first open shop name for the students file

open shop is equal to the self-employed? "Taobao" light highig "surprised to hear this news," ah "sound.

"light highig" are the students of Zhejiang University of Technology majoring in art, whose real name is Han Tingting. In order to find a decent job, she is now ready to turn off the shop practice. A little reluctant, my shop can earn one thousand or two thousand yuan per month".

June 2nd, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education issued a "Notice of light highig" unexpected ": Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education Office of university graduates engaged in electronic commerce (shop) to notice" entrepreneurship recognized, which means that the operation of the shop, no business license of the college students, as well as business the store is regarded as college students, entrepreneurship. read more

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The analysis of group buying mode in hundred regiments

June 12th, Hao123 home site owned by Baidu announced, in order to meet the majority of Internet users rising of group purchase enthusiasm and demand, both the group purchase website guide and direct purchase group purchase commodity channel function in Hao123 group purchase page officially launched. It is obvious that the group is now popular in China, there are forty or fifty well-known, plus some non mainstream estimates have been more than and 100, can be described as a hundred regiments". read more

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Raiders explore the new era of coastal E commerce


from Jiangxi just graduated college, after graduation to find work, he opened a shop on the Internet, but not familiar with e-commerce operation skills, and no work experience, his shop to put up the shutters in the end.

look back on their own experience, Xiao Li said: at that time, just thinking about doing the boss, but simply do not know how to operate, do not understand the operation of the network management procedures and business philosophy. Therefore, I would like to learn the knowledge of network marketing." Not long ago, Li Ying clothing wholesale market of Electronic Commerce Street took a shop when the boss. Once again set foot on the road of network marketing. read more

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How to plan the sales system of B2B e commerce website

phone sales is one of the most common B2B e-commerce sites, one of the most important means of sales. Good telephone sales management, increase sales, is each of the B2B electronic commerce website operators are most concerned about. In particular, the new construction of the B2B industry e-commerce sites, there is no basis for the establishment of a sales office in accordance with the strength of the region, can only be conducted in all regions of the country telephone sales. Telephone sales success is related to the survival of the site is one of the decisive factors. read more

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Sales season electricity supplier sellers how to stand out The letter should carry out business loan

in order to help sellers in the sales season ", should the letter loan business talent shows itself" recent integration of resources, the letter should join the brothers brand refers to Wang wealth, for all users of popular shops opened the tournament". Consumers are more prosperous electricity supplier will have the opportunity to visit the owner has 2 million high-quality fans Wang financial WeChat public, the need to obtain accurate sales of the season and the opportunity to burst the show. read more

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Skin care products consumer behavior survey of nearly 7 users do not trust micro business

days ago, the national consumer rights unit 20, including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Dalian, Xiamen, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Harbin, Nanjing, Changchun, Hangzhou, Ji’nan, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi’an, Kunming and other 19 City Association (Council, Consumer Protection Committee) and Chinese consumer news that lasted a month on the Internet to carry out "skin care products consumer behavior survey Award" activities, including the 26 Shenzhen City Council, 20 units jointly issued the "survey of consumer behavior" skin care products. The report shows that the current popular in the circle of friends of WeChat skin care products sales recommendation, nearly 7 of users do not trust, only less than 1 of users will buy through a circle of friends. read more

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What is the three train creative figure to help you fix creative promotion God figure

is well known, in the right click on the train through the impact factor, the creative map has always been in the first place. A good creative figure, can significantly enhance the click rate, conversion rate and even the brand reputation.

in the Taobao shopping process, creative map is the first link to the user and the seller from the creative map will directly determine the user is not to click, because only your picture was clicked, it was the chance to buy.

if I ask you, what do you think is the map? read more

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Taobao mobile phone failure can not be normal shopping Ali response has been repaired

sina science and technology news on June 24th at noon news, there are users to reflect the phone Taobao failure, the purchase page display error. In this regard, Ali responded that engineers have emergency repair, and now has been basically restored, and said the transaction data and financial security is not affected.

for the following Ali reply full text:

at about 11:30, because the network system failure, resulting in some mobile phone Taobao users can not happy to buy buy buy, our engineers Milo has an emergency repair system, about 12:38, hand wash services have been restored. But please rest assured that everyone’s transaction data and financial security is not affected. We apologize for the inconvenience! read more

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Jingdong not the next Chinese Amazon but the next Dangdang

this article comes from, the author is Eric · (Eric Jackson), translated by sina science and technology:

last week, Jingdong in the United States submitted the IPO (initial public offering) application. The listing application due to the following reasons and concern.

first, this is the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently issued a ban on the ban on the four major accounting firms to carry out business in China, the first large Chinese companies to apply for listing in the United states. read more

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Brush reproduction arena Jingdong POP merchants made ghost orders

because of a series of orders received frequent abnormal messages, consumers Zhang Yida (a pseudonym) found the Jingdong to open businesses on the platform by the chicken brush single chain. Although the Jingdong continued to issue "signal strike brush", but they always seem to find the gap, with ease.

ghost order out of the confiscation of the address does not exist

days ago, Jingdong Zhang Yida diamond users billion state power network to reflect, although the recent no online shopping behavior, but the mobile phone number but frequently receive order delivery notice from the Jingdong, "only in August received dozens of similar information". According to him, these SMS notification also clearly marked the order number of goods, it is strange that these orders are not in their Jingdong account. read more

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The flow of organic integration of traditional retailers online and offline

take advantage of traditional retailers: online and offline integration lead: the July 5th edition of the "New York Times" print edition published an article called, in the face of the strong rise of e-commerce, many traditional retailers have become the electricity supplier’s inspection points". But in order to cope with this challenge, the traditional retail business is not against it, but to make full use of the advantage of the store, the network business entity and business integration. This may even be forced to open a pure electricity supplier business entities. read more

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Capital winter how to help car electricity supplier

not long ago in the bustling "double 11", Tmall, thunder electric car filling, Jingdong and other retail business platform, vertical electric car platforms such as car home, easy car network show during the double 11 supernatural powers, "1 yuan," seckill "straight down million", "online payment deduction the car" attractive promotional activities to let the car electricity supplier in the "price war" as one falls, another rises in a high-profile. However, behind the prosperity, but the slow growth of the electricity supplier embarrassment. read more

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Talking about the 78 year old boss’s understanding of e commerce

he is from Wenzhou, 18 year old illiterate, conscription into the army, 20 years old to do business, then single-handed went to Guangzhou clothing business started. Today is the chairman of the three traditional manufacturing enterprises, the domestic real estate tycoon, a founder of a five star hotel. He is 78 years old, is my boss, the following allow me to Yu Yu to call him.

founded e-commerce company

When the

in the three companies business very influential, Yu Dong established e-commerce company, operates the company design and production of clothing. Electricity supplier company is the name of his son, his son is doing a clothing business in france. He often said that he did not culture, he did not understand e-commerce, but he felt that e-commerce must be done, but also to do, we have to rely on these college students, intellectuals to help him with the cause. He often tells us his understanding of e-commerce and views, and why he wants to do e-commerce reasons, the following is about his understanding of e-commerce: read more

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Super Moderator Jiang Junjun Taobao passenger station changed my destiny

(above is a small film I shot)

know Taobao guest

is 17 years old, a young age, all normal life should be this age have, reading, learning, yet I was cut off the left feet, legs become disabled, was originally the distress, cost plus surgery has been sick, so the family debt, in no capacity let me continue to learn. Because they are not the same as others, a great blow to the spirit, have closed their own half a year without seeing any one person, do not go out, and later considered a lot of things, decided to walk out of the shadows. For my future work, in my strong request, my mother bought a second-hand computer for me, but do not understand computer technology, on crutches to do some hours of fun sitting parts live in the vicinity of the small factories, more than a month down to only 500 yuan, in the mother’s help, adult computer school 1000 yuan to the local to learn some graphic design, their own efforts to learn 2 months after the start of work, because his leg is not easy, often dismissed, so mix 5, 6 years, the placement of the prosthesis is halfway. read more

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Non depth analysis of multiple suffixes

Internet with lower threshold and the openness of the Internet, more and more people can freely with their own personal website, and the domain name is the main part of the site, and enhance the value of the domain name, the domain name is associated with a price increase, thus introducing more people to join the ranks of the domain name investment.

according to incomplete statistics: the number of domain names by A in 1997 rose to B people in 2008 (B greater than A) or see more and more people to join the ranks of the domain name investment. The recent news is exciting, ICANN will be open next year, a variety of suffix registration. read more

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EBay buy their first country already forming

foreign media news, eBay officially launched to the United States a few days ago, "instant sell" (Instant Sale) service. The event, combined with eBay’s "two sale, the two use, recycling" event, allows users to participate in the activities of the sale of second-hand goods they no longer need, and get some cash income.

in the operation process, the user needs to apply for a free label, all kinds of information indicate the items, steps and five roughly the same. When you release the second-hand goods to be bought by others, the money will be promptly into the account of the seller’s account. read more

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