No casualty in Kashmir after withdrawal of special status: ex-J&K governor

first_imgFormer Jammu & Kashmir Governor and newly-appointed Governor of Goa Satya Pal Malik said here on Thursday there hadn’t been a single casualty in Kashmir since the withdrawal of the special powers and there was a change in the people’s attitude in the Valley.Mr. Malik, who was the chief guest at the 50th International Film Festival of India closing ceremony, said he came to Goa only three weeks ago and was in Kashmir before that, where he would remember a ghazal from Pakeezah (1972) every night before sleeping. “There’s a line in it, which was particularly relevant during my time in Kashmir, ‘Aaj ki raat bachenge to sahar dekhenge [If we survive this night then we will see the morning]’,” said Mr. Malik.After the withdrawal of the special status, he said, there was is peace in the Valley. “Earlier, if there was any little activity in Kashmir, 50 people used to die in one go because they used to be instigated and the police used to shoot them but today after Article 370 was removed, not one bullet has been fired,” said Mr. Malik.“When I used to discuss with bureaucrats that we may have to revoke Article 370, they would scare us that we will have to shoot a thousand people and even the local police might revolt. But just a week after revoking 370, I went to the markets and public places and there was peace so much so that a boy walked up to me and said ‘Come I will make you tea’,” he said. J&K Governor from August 2018 to October 2019, Mr. Malik said during his tenure, he made a public offer to the youth of the Valley to drop guns. “Some used to tell them that they neither love India, Pakistan, Hurriyat or the two parties in Kashmir. But they were taught if you shoot, you will get jannat [heaven]. That is why I said I don’t know if you will attain jannat by killing but if you develop Kashmir, then you will die as a good Muslim and maybe you will get a second wife after you die,” said Mr. Malik.last_img

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