Ikea makes cardboard camera no instructions necessary

first_imgMembers of the press often receive cute little knick-knacks at product events; things like notebooks or pens, but rarely free products that are making their way to retail shelves. At the Milan Salone design show last week in Italy, Ikea gave journalists a press kit that included a cardboard digital camera — a product the company plans on bringing to its stores’ shelves.Ikea is well known among consumers, especially new home/apartment owners/renters, as a home furnishing company that designs ready-to-assemble products. These products are also known for their inexpensive price tags, which is often reflected in the materials the company uses. The common medium-density fiberboard found in its products doesn’t look too far off from particle board, and can break just as easily if not careful.While the camera is made of cardboard — a material Ikea knows a lot about — you’ll have to be careful about not sitting on the thing. Other than its construction, the rest of the camera’s specifications don’t stray far from the beaten path: it runs on two AA batteries and can reportedly hold up to 40 pictures on its built-in memory stick. This last feature is far from the disposable film cameras of old in terms of accessibility and capacity. It was designed by Jesper Kouthoofd.And, considering there’s an actual digital memory stick inside, this inclusion may allow the camera’s lifespan to extend past one wedding reception. The camera can sync with your computer via a USB connection that swings out from its side (shown in the image above), so after uploading those photos you could theoretically wipe the stick and reuse.Pricing and availability are still unknown, but we can’t wait to learn more.via Petapixellast_img

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