PC Black Ops II disc contains Mass Effect 2

first_imgThousands of Call of Duty fans were standing in the freezing cold last night for the midnight launch of Black Ops II, but it seems a few were a bit disappointed when they got home.Some PC gamers installed disc one of Black Ops II and then, when it came time to insert the second disc, they got quite a nasty shock. Their PCs told them the disc they had inserted was in fact for Mass Effect 2. It is unclear how many users are affected by this, but many have taken to YouTube, the Steam Forums, and the Black Ops II forums to complain about the mess up.The games are published and developed by different companies, so they shouldn’t share any links that would allow this to happen. The most likely explanation is that the discs were produced in the same factory and someone, somewhere has put the wrong labels on them. However, there is a way around the problem. Apparently you can still download the full game directly from Steam by selecting the “+ add a game” option from the game library page and inputting the serial code from your copy of Black Ops II. Steam will then download and install it.Of course, this solution is likely little comfort for the people who queued up at midnight to get their hands on the game, but at least there is a way they can play without waiting for a disc replacement. In the meantime, we hope to see an official explanation from Activision as to why this happened and how they’re going to fix it.via Black Ops II communitylast_img

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